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Thai AirAsia X logo

Thai AirAsia X – route map

Thai AirAsia X is a joint venture between Thai AirAsia and the Malaysian airline AirAsia. The operator is a long-haul, budget airline that has its main base located at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok.


Thai AirAsia X routes

Thai AirAsia X – online check-in

When flying with AirAsia or any of their subsidiaries, you have the possibility of checking in online. One option is to use the mobile app called AirAsia MOVE, where you can check in using your phone.

If you prefer you can also visit the official website and manage your booking here. You simply login with your email address and find your bookings below “Purchases”. Note that you have to be an AirAsia member to manage your booking online.

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Most popular non-stop routes

Thai AirAsia X routes and their different flight paths.

Thai AirAsia X flights between Tokyo and Bangkok
Tokyo - Bangkok
Thai AirAsia X flights between Bangkok and Osaka
Bangkok - Osaka
Thai AirAsia X flights between Seoul and Bangkok
Seoul - Bangkok
Thai AirAsia X flights between Bangkok and Sydney
Bangkok - Sydney
Thai AirAsia X flights between Bangkok and Shanghai
Bangkok - Shanghai
Thai AirAsia X destination map

Thai AirAsia X details

  • Name
    Thai AirAsia X
  • Type
    Low-cost carrier
  • Webpage
  • Destinations
    8 airports
  • Routes
    19 routes
  • IATA code

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Thai AirAsia X aircraft

Aircraft models scheduled to fly with Thai AirAsia X in the next month. 1 different aircraft types detected. Including aircraft lease.

Aircraft type Flights
Airbus A330-300 347