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The airlines with the most legroom

Are you looking for the airlines with the most legroom? We can help you! Find out which airline offers the most spacious seating, both in the world and in the US.

Emirates legroom
Many Asian airlines offer a generous legroom, for example Emirates.

We can all agree that flying isn’t always that comfortable. If you want to get an experience that is a little more pleasant it can be smart to keep an eye out for the airlines with the most legroom. The following airlines offer the most comfortable flying experiences in economy – at least when it comes to the amount of legroom.

Airlines with the most legroom – worldwide

Japan Airlines – 33-34 inches

The Japanese flag carrier Japan Airlines offers the most generous legroom around with its 33-34 inches. This goes for their medium- och long-haul flights, and will make sure your travel is comfortable.

ANA, Emirates and Singapore Airlines – 32-34 inches

Japan Airlines isn’t the only airline in Asia that offers spacious traveling – three other Asian airlines are generous when it comes to legroom. Both Japanese airline ANA (All Nippon Airways), Emirates from Dubai and Singapore Airlines offer 32-34 inches.

Air France, Air China, Korean Air and JetBlue Airways – 32-33 inches

By now, it comes as no surprise that the Asian airlines impress with their legroom measurements, and on spot number three we find even more airlines in the region. Air China and Korean Air both offer a legroom of 32-33 inches. Here we also find the first airlines outside of Asia with Air France and American low cost airline JetBlue Airways stepping in with the same measurements.

Airlines with the most legroom – the US

JetBlue Airways – 32-33 inches

As mentioned earlier, JetBlue Airways is the airline that offers the most legroom on the American market. Be aware that you can find more and less spacious options depending on the aircraft and if you are flying short-haul or long-haul.

Southwest Airlines, Alaska Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines – 31-32 inches

If you choose to fly with Southwest Airlines, Alaska Airlines or Hawaiian Airlines you can expect between 31 and 32 inches of legroom, depending on the aircraft

Other American airlines

The biggest airlines in the US are American Airlines, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines. American Airlines and United Airlines offer 31 inches of legroom, while Delta Air Lines falls somewhere in between 30 and 32 inches depending on the aircraft.


This is legroom

Even though it is called “legroom”, the distance measured in this circumstance isn’t really how much room there is for your legs. The distance is actually measured from the headrest of one seat to the headrest behind it. Legroom is usually presented in inches.