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Flights from Vancouver to Kelowna

YVR - YLW route map YVR to YLW. All flight routes from Vancouver International Airport, Canada to Kelowna, Canada. These routes are operated by 6 different airlines. You can either fly non-stop or choose a transit flight via Victoria. The shortest flight time is 50 minutes.

YVR Vancouver Airport
CanadaVancouver, Canada
YLW Kelowna
CanadaKelowna, Canada
Vancouver Airport
CanadaVancouver, Canada
CanadaKelowna, Canada

in time



Non-stop routes:


Air North
Non-stop with Air North. 1 flight per day.

0h 50m

Air Canada
Non-stop with Air Canada. 6 flights per day.

0h 56m

Non-stop with WestJet. 7 flights per day.

0h 58m

Non-stop with CMA. 1 flight per day.

Wed & Sun

1h 00m

Wed & Sun

Flair Airlines
Non-stop with Flair Airlines. 1 flight per day.

1h 00m


1 stop routes with the same airline:


Via Victoria YYJ
1 stop with Pacific Coastal Airlines.

Begins in 30/4

2h 00m

Begins in 30/4

Vancouver to Kelowna flights

With over 99 flights every week and 7 different airlines you have a wide option of flights to choose from. You can fly non-stop to Kelowna (YLW) from Vancouver (YVR) with Air North, CMA, Air Canada, Flair Airlines, WestJet or Kish Air or you can choose the stopover option via Victoria (YYJ).

Vancouver to Kelowna with Air North

You can fly non-stop every weekday with flights departing between 8 am and 19 pm.

With CMA

CMA has non-stop every wednesday or sunday at 06:45 or 08:05.

With Air Canada

You can fly non-stop every weekday with flights departing from 8 am to 21 pm. Air Canada is a Star Alliance member.

With Flair Airlines

You can fly non-stop every monday, wednesday or friday at 06:00, 18:30 or 19:40.

Miles & flight time: YVR - YLW

The shortest flight time between YVR and YLW is 50 minutes.

ViaTotal flight timeLayover timeMiles
Direct50m-179 (288 km)
Direct1h 0m-179 (288 km)
Direct55m-179 (288 km)
Direct1h 5m-179 (288 km)
Direct58m-179 (288 km)
Direct1h 1m-179 (288 km)
YYJ Victoria2h 55m30m243 (391 km)
The flight times and layover times in the table above are approximate and varies depending on flightnumber, aircraft, airline, weather and time of day.YVR-YLW flight routesVancouver to Kelowna flight routes illustrated on a map.
Departing from Vancouver International Airport
Departing from Vancouver International Airport. Copyright: Vancouver International Airport
Vancouver - Kelowna route map and flight paths

You can fly to Kelowna (YLW) from Vancouver (YVR) non-stop with Air North, CMA, Air Canada, Flair Airlines, WestJet or Kish Air. The flight takes approximately 50 minutes. If you travel with a connecting flight instead, for example via Victoria, the total flight time will be 2 hours and 55 minutes.

If you are interested in direct flights, you can choose from Air North, CMA, Air Canada, Flair Airlines, WestJet or Kish Air. If you choose to fly with stops instead you can fly with Pacific Coastal Airlines.

The flight time between Vancouver, YVR and Kelowna, YLW, is 50 minutes. The distance is 243 miles (or 391 kilometers).

Yes, you can fly non-stop to YLW from YVR with Air North, CMA, Air Canada, Flair Airlines, WestJet or Kish Air.

A codeshare agreement means that cooperating airlines are able to sell seats on each other’s flights. This means that you are able to travel to more destinations than your airline of choice normally offers. Codeshare flights are also beneficial because of the seamless transits you can get with connecting flights from the same airline. The downside of choosing a codeshare flight can be that you in some cases can’t upgrade codeshare flights or use elite benefits.

A connecting or transit flight means that you reach your final destination through two or more flights – in other words a non-direct flight. You will change to a new aircraft after your first flight, this may include moving to another terminal at the airport aswell. The time required to transfer passengers and luggage between flights is called Minimum Connecting Time (MCT) and are always taken into account here on

If you bought your whole flight on a single ticket, the airline will book you on the next available connecting flight.

With connecting flights, checked in luggage is most commonly forwarded to your final destination when buying a single ticket for both flights.

If you miss your connecting flight due to circumstances outside your control such as your first flight being delayed, you should turn to your airline who will provide you with a seat on the next available flight. This is usually done free of charge, and only applies if you purchased your trip as one ticket. If the next connecting flight is the following day, the airline usually provides accommodation and meals.