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Air France – new routes and destinations 2024

When traveling with Air France you can reach most parts of the world. Here you find the latest new routes offered by the French flag carrier.

air france new routes

Air France is the largest airline in the country and offers hundreds of routes around the world. The operator has two major hubs – an international hub at Charles de Gaulle and a domestic one at Orly Airport.

When it comes to new routes, Air France continuously broadens their network giving their travelers the possibility of direct connections to new parts of the world. If you want to find the latest new destinations added to the portfolio of Air France, we can give you a hand.

See new routes by Air France

In the following compilation you find the newest routes with Air France. By following each link you can learn more about the flight options for this specific route. At we regularly update all flight data to make sure you always access correct information about flights around the world.

This list was last updated on 2024-07-18. It's based on scheduled passenger data and shows new routes added to our dataset in the last 9 months.

New non-stop flights

Paris (CDG) to Phoenix (PHX)
11h 0m
Paris (CDG) to Verona (VRN)
1h 30m
Punta Cana (PUJ) to Fort De France (FDF)
1h 40m
Paris (CDG) to Harstad-Narvik (EVE)
3h 40m
Paris (CDG) to Kalamata (KLX)
3h 20m
Kilimanjaro (JRO) to Paris (CDG)
First flight is scheduled on Nov 19
9h 25m
Paris (CDG) to Kiruna (KRN)
First flight is scheduled on Dec 21
3h 30m
Paris (CDG) to Salvador (SSA)
First flight is scheduled on Oct 28
10h 15m
Zanzibar (ZNZ) to Kilimanjaro (JRO)
First flight is scheduled on Nov 18
1h 0m

New flights with connections

Gothenburg to Naples via Paris (CDG)
6h 5m
Stockholm to Lagos via Paris (CDG)
10h 10m
Istanbul to Porto via Paris (CDG)
10h 45m
Pointe-a-Pitre to Gothenburg via Paris (ORY)
15h 0m
Helsinki to Pau via Paris (CDG)
5h 50m
Amsterdam to Bilbao via Paris (CDG)
5h 10m
Shanghai to Fort De France via Paris (CDG)
28h 0m
Warsaw to Pointe-a-Pitre via Paris (CDG)
12h 55m
New York to Verona via Paris (CDG)
12h 35m
Stockholm to Detroit via Paris (CDG)
13h 50m
Shanghai to Sevilla via Paris (CDG)
20h 40m
Singapore to Sevilla via Paris (CDG)
20h 15m
Tokyo to Sevilla via Paris (CDG)
22h 0m
Helsinki to Sevilla via Paris (CDG)
7h 10m
Nairobi to Sevilla via Paris (CDG)
15h 0m
Gothenburg to Sevilla via Paris (CDG)
6h 50m
Bordeaux to Verona via Paris (CDG)
5h 0m
Dubai to Sevilla via Paris (CDG)
14h 10m
Tunis to Osaka via Paris (CDG)
20h 0m
Basel, Switzerland/Mulhouse to Abu Dhabi via Paris (CDG)
10h 20m
Dulles to Verona via Paris (CDG)
10h 45m
Clermont-Ferrand to Abu Dhabi via Paris (CDG)
9h 45m
Malaga to Detroit via Paris (CDG)
12h 55m
Saint Denis de la Reunion to Manchester via Paris (ORY)
17h 50m
Dallas to Sevilla via Paris (CDG)
14h 5m
Sevilla to Amsterdam via Paris (CDG)
5h 45m
Santiago to Sevilla via Paris (CDG)
18h 55m
Los Angeles to Verona via Paris (CDG)
13h 45m
Sevilla to Saint Denis de la Reunion via Paris (CDG)
15h 40m
Stockholm to Sevilla via Paris (CDG)
6h 50m
Hong Kong to Sevilla via Paris (CDG)
20h 45m
Sevilla to New York via Paris (CDG)
13h 20m
Bucharest to Sevilla via Paris (CDG)
7h 20m
San Francisco to Verona via Paris (CDG)
14h 5m
Houston to Verona via Paris (CDG)
15h 15m
Verona to Amsterdam via Paris (CDG)
4h 25m
Verona to Barcelona via Paris (CDG)
5h 25m
Fortaleza to Gothenburg via Paris (CDG)
14h 25m
Tunis to Raleigh/Durham via Paris (CDG)
15h 40m
Verona to Casablanca via Paris (CDG)
7h 10m
Biarritz to Verona via Paris (CDG)
3h 55m

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