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New routes and destinations by Air India 2024

Major airline Air India is the largest operator in the country with lots of international and domestic connections. Learn about the latest new flight routes offered by Air India here.

air india new routes

If you choose to fly with Air India you can find routes to five different continents, even if the majority of their connections are found within Asia. The airline is the flag carrier of India and has its main hub in Mumbai.

When it comes to new flight routes, Air India keeps on expanding their network of flights to live up to the needs and wishes of their travelers. In this guide we have gathered all the latest new destinations.

Find new routes with Air India

Listed below you can see all new flights by Air India, no matter which airport you are traveling out of. By choosing a route you can learn more about this specific route and learn about all available flight options.

This list was last updated on 2024-07-20. It's based on scheduled passenger data and shows new routes added to our dataset in the last 9 months.

New non-stop flights

Phuket (HKT) to Delhi (DEL)
4h 35m
Mumbai (BOM) to Goa (GOX)
1h 20m
Bhuj (BHJ) to Mumbai (BOM)
1h 15m
Mumbai (BOM) to Vijayawada (VGA)
1h 50m
Ho Chi Minh City (SGN) to Delhi (DEL)
5h 3m
Jammu (IXJ) to Mumbai (BOM)
2h 25m
Mumbai (BOM) to Srinagar (SXR)
2h 40m
Delhi (DEL) to Zurich (ZRH)
8h 40m
Mumbai (BOM) to Melbourne (MEL)
11h 25m
Kuala Lumpur (KUL) to Delhi (DEL)
First flight is scheduled on Sep 16
5h 25m
Bengaluru (BLR) to London (LGW)
First flight is scheduled on Aug 18
10h 30m
Srinagar (SXR) to Bengaluru (BLR)
First flight is scheduled on Aug 15
3h 30m

New flights with connections

Delhi to Coimbatore via Mumbai (BOM)
6h 10m
Dubai to Chandigarh via Delhi (DEL)
6h 40m
Hyderabad to Chandigarh via Delhi (DEL)
5h 0m
Pune to Delhi via Mumbai (BOM)
5h 50m
Pune to Hyderabad via Mumbai (BOM)
4h 30m
Doha to Vijayawada via Delhi (DEL)
7h 35m
Doha to Bhopal via Delhi (DEL)
6h 30m
Doha to Vancouver via Delhi (DEL)
18h 40m
Chennai to Singapore via Bengaluru (BLR)
11h 25m
Delhi to Melbourne via Mumbai (BOM)
17h 0m
Hyderabad to Abu Dhabi via Mumbai (BOM)
8h 55m
Hyderabad to Singapore via Bengaluru (BLR)
9h 43m
Kolkata to Bengaluru via Mumbai (BOM)
6h 35m
Dhaka to Doha via Delhi (DEL)
9h 10m
Bengaluru to Hyderabad via Chennai (MAA)
5h 5m
Bengaluru to Chandigarh via Delhi (DEL)
6h 35m
Chennai to Dubai via Hyderabad (HYD)
7h 45m
Colombo to Paris via Delhi (DEL)
14h 10m
Udaipur to Doha via Mumbai (BOM)
7h 15m
London to Phuket via Delhi (DEL)
16h 25m
Hirasar to Bangkok via Delhi (DEL)
10h 10m
Hirasar to Phuket via Delhi (DEL)
10h 40m
Amritsar to Phuket via Delhi (DEL)
7h 40m
Chennai to Chandigarh via Delhi (DEL)
5h 5m
Delhi to Goa via Mumbai (BOM)
6h 5m
Ahmedabad to Mangalore via Mumbai (BOM)
6h 0m
Phuket to Dubai via Delhi (DEL)
12h 45m
Lucknow to Coimbatore via Mumbai (BOM)
7h 0m
Vadodara to Dhaka via Delhi (DEL)
6h 10m
Toronto to Colombo via Delhi (DEL)
18h 58m
Imphal to Chandigarh via Delhi (DEL)
6h 40m
Vadodara to Phuket via Delhi (DEL)
9h 50m
Tirupati to Mumbai via Hyderabad (HYD)
4h 0m
Guwahati to Chandigarh via Delhi (DEL)
5h 5m
Kolkata to Goa via Mumbai (BOM)
6h 40m
New York to Goa via Mumbai (BOM)
19h 0m
Phuket to Frankfurt via Delhi (DEL)
14h 25m
Muscat to Bangkok via Mumbai (BOM)
8h 50m

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