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Business and first class flights to Canada

Are you headed to Canada and want to travel in the most comfortable way possible? Here we present the most popular business and first class flights to the largest airports in Canada.

business first class flights canada toronto montreal vancouver

To choose a business or first class flight is a great option if you want to receive a higher level of service, together with nice food and beverages. By not choosing economy class you can normally also expect a more comfortable seating, access to certain airport lounges and maybe even priority check-in and boarding.

Business/first class to Canada – Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver

In Canada you find a number of large airports in different parts of the country. No matter which one you choose, there are a multitude of business and first class flights to choose from. In the following lists you can find popular business and first class alternatives to the airports in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Choose the route you are interested in and find out more about this specific option by following the link.

Business/first class flights to Toronto

Business/first class flights to Montreal

Business/first class flights to Vancouver

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