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Most popular flight routes – business and first class

Do you want to make traveling by air a little more luxurious? Pick a business or first class flight and enjoy your trip – here you can find the most popular business and first class routes around the world.

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What is the difference between business and first class?

In general, business class is considered the intermediate option when traveling by air, found in between economy and first class. With this said, many airlines offer business class as the highest level of traveling. In business class you can expect a higher quality of seating, service and food/drinks – especially when it comes to international flights.

If you want to experience flying at the highest level, a first class seat is the way to go. Here you will be guaranteed a comfortable and spacious seating, usually with the possibility of privacy. You will receive the best possible service, and normally get unlimited access to food and drinks on the flight. No matter if you choose business or first class, you usually receive benefits such as access to the airport lounge.

Find popular business and first class routes

Are you interested in learning more about the most popular business and first class routes around the world? Listed below you find links to each country, and by following the links you can see airports with popular business/first class routes in that specific part of the world. To make sure you always have the latest information, the lists are continuously updated with new data.

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