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Business and first class flights to the UAE

Are you headed for a luxurious vacation to the United Arab Emirates? Choose a business or first class flight to Dubai or Abu Dhabi – see the most popular options here.

first class flights dubai abu dhabi

When it comes to high end destinations, the United Arab Emirates definitely has a lot to offer. If you want the luxurious experience to start already on the plane there, we recommend that you choose a business or first class flight. When flying business or first class you can expect a high quality of seating, food and beverages, together with great service.

Business and first class flights to the UAE – Dubai and Abu Dhabi

If you want to see the most popular business or first class flights to the United Arab Emirates, we have got your back. In the following lists we present flights where you can choose a business or first class seat, no matter which airport in the UAE that you are traveling to. Each route is linked to a specific subpage where you can find all flight options on this particular route. The information is continuously updated to make sure you always have the newest data available.

Business/first class flights to Dubai

Business/first class flights to Abu Dhabi

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