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New routes and destinations by Avianca 2024

Colombian low cost carrier Avianca offers connections to several parts of the world – see the latest new destinations to be added to the airline’s portfolio.

avianca new routes

Avianca is the flag carrier of Colombia and has its main hub at El Dorado International Airport in Bogotá. When traveling with Avianca you can reach destinations in both other parts of South America, North America and Europe.

Like most other major airlines, Avianca continuously adds new routes and connections. If you want to see the latest ones, have a look at the compilation below.

Find new routes by Avianca

In the following list we have gathered the newest routes offered by Avianca. If you choose a route you can learn more about the flight options available for this specific option. There are both direct flights and connecting flights in the list. 

This list was last updated on 2024-07-20. It's based on scheduled passenger data and shows new routes added to our dataset in the last 9 months.

New non-stop flights

San Salvador (SAL) to Managua (MGA)
0h 50m
Managua (MGA) to Miami (MIA)
2h 30m
Buenos Aires (EZE) to Medellin (MDE)
6h 35m
Paris (CDG) to Bogota (BOG)
11h 0m
Montreal (YUL) to Bogota (BOG)
6h 14m
Caracas (CCS) to Bogota (BOG)
1h 54m
Medellin (MDE) to Santiago (SCL)
6h 0m
Montreal (YUL) to San Salvador (SAL)
5h 15m

New flights with connections

Managua to Bogota via San Salvador (SAL)
6h 50m
Managua to Guatemala City via San Salvador (SAL)
4h 40m
Managua to Dulles via San Salvador (SAL)
7h 55m
Managua to San Pedro Sula via San Salvador (SAL)
4h 45m
Medellin to Montreal via Bogota (BOG)
11h 34m
Managua to New York via San Salvador (SAL)
7h 50m
Managua to Comayagua via San Salvador (SAL)
4h 40m
Los Angeles to Managua via San Salvador (SAL)
8h 0m
Managua to Quito via San Salvador (SAL)
6h 45m
Miami to Quito via San Salvador (SAL)
10h 20m
San Francisco to Managua via San Salvador (SAL)
7h 55m
Miami to Guayaquil via San Salvador (SAL)
11h 10m
Managua to Guayaquil via San Salvador (SAL)
7h 35m
Cucuta to Montreal via Bogota (BOG)
11h 2m
Pasto to Montreal via Bogota (BOG)
12h 41m
San Salvador to Miami via Managua (MGA)
5h 30m
Medellin to Caracas via Bogota (BOG)
4h 33m
Pereira to Montreal via Bogota (BOG)
10h 19m
Monteria to Armenia via Medellin (MDE)
2h 54m
San Salvador to Rio De Janeiro via Bogota (BOG)
12h 0m
Mexico City to Caracas via Bogota (BOG)
8h 10m
Guayaquil to Caracas via Bogota (BOG)
5h 30m
Quito to Caracas via Bogota (BOG)
4h 35m
San Salvador to London via Bogota (BOG)
16h 15m
San Salvador to Bogota via Panama City (PTY)
8h 28m
San Salvador to Montevideo via Bogota (BOG)
10h 20m
El Yopal to Orlando via Bogota (BOG)
6h 28m
Santa Marta to Medellin via Pereira (PEI)
3h 30m
Villavicencio to Ipiales via Bogota (BOG)
3h 59m
Villavicencio to Leticia via Bogota (BOG)
4h 27m
Villavicencio to Orlando via Bogota (BOG)
7h 11m
Managua to Toronto via San Salvador (SAL)
7h 40m
Villavicencio to San Salvador via Bogota (BOG)
8h 10m
Punta Cana to Armenia via Medellin (MDE)
4h 31m
San Salvador to Santa Cruz via Bogota (BOG)
7h 55m
Dulles to Panama City via San Salvador (SAL)
9h 30m
Managua to Dallas via San Salvador (SAL)
5h 55m
Barrancabermeja to Orlando via Bogota (BOG)
6h 21m
Barrancabermeja to San Salvador via Bogota (BOG)
7h 20m

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