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Southwest Airlines – new routes and destinations

Southwest Airlines is the largest low cost carrier in the world, and one of the largest operators in total. Here you can see all their new destinations, both international and domestic ones.

southwest airlines new routes flights

A number of the largest airlines in the world are found in the US, low cost operator Southwest Airlines being one of them. The airline mainly offers domestic connections and has a total of more than 100 destinations in the US.

Southwest Airlines operates out of airports in most parts of the US, and a few of their major hubs are found in Atlanta, Denver, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. In the compilation below you can find flights from all airports where Southwest Airlines has new connections.

New routes and destinations by Southwest Airlines

Here at we regularly can present new routes from airlines worldwide, and if you are interested in seeing the latest additions to Southwest Airlines’ offering – please have a look at the listing below. By following the links you can learn more about flights offered to each specific destination.

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